About Us

Our Social Ethos

Everything we believe in, every value we stand for, it all comes together in being the best we can be. To do the right thing for people. And that goes further than our hospitals, our fitness and wellbeing centres, clinics and gyms.

We’re reaching out beyond our patients, clients and members, and into the wider community. Not only to improve the health of the nation, but also to enhance their long-term quality of life. Through a series of unique programmes and initiatives, we’re encouraging a healthier relationship with fitness and wellbeing, from the very beginning.

Here are just some of the ways we’re working to we’re create a real impact by bringing our social ethos to life.

Providing free gym membership for children with Cystic Fibrosis

It’s been shown that people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) who exercise do better than those who don’t. Regular exercise is especially important for children with CF, which is why we’ve joined forces with Great Ormond Street Hospital to provide them with free gym membership. This allows children with CF, and their families, to access exercise facilities and take part in regular, structured sessions at their local Nuffield Health centre. It’s a hugely positive collaboration that enables children and their parents to spend more quality time together, as well as expanding their knowledge of exercise through sessions with personal trainers. The partnership initiative has had excellent feedback from patients and families, encouraging independent exercise and a long term lifestyle involving physical activity.

Improving wellbeing in schools: Head of Wellbeing pilot

A joint study conducted by Nuffield Health and think tank 2020health highlighted high levels of obesity, low levels of exercise and poor emotional wellbeing amongst secondary school pupils. The report showed that significant improvements could be made with dedicated, coordinated support within the school setting. Following this research, we’ve committed to lead, fund and evaluate a new initiative - the first of its kind - which includes the secondment of a Head of Wellbeing, and a two-year health and wellbeing programme developed in collaboration with the a school. We’re launching a pilot programme in September, with the selected school also benefiting from Nuffield Health investment in state-of-the-art fitness facilities and equipment, health checks for pupils and teachers, and independent evaluation of the programme. This initiative has the potential to transform wellbeing in schools and, in the longer-term, see pupils growing into adulthood living more active, healthier lives.

Giving people a Healthy Start

Primarily targeting young people, particularly those with a long-term underlying health issue, Healthy Start encompasses a collection of initiatives that aim to increase the chances of disadvantaged groups in society gaining sustainable employment, whilst improving their wellbeing. The majority of initiatives will be employability programmes that include work experience, dedicated mentoring, workshops, apprenticeships and internships. In addition, Well for Work is an initiative designed to enable Healthy Start participants to get the most out of their programme, by providing access to some of our products and services, as well as information and support around a range of wellbeing issues. So not only does Healthy Start introduce people to opportunities within the health and wellbeing sector, but it also promotes the importance of wellbeing. And, as programme participants take their new knowledge back into the community, together we can help to improve more lives.

So, joining the Nuffield family, you won’t just be with a good company to work for. You can also take pride in being part of a company working to do good things for the wider community.