Our Values

What we strive for and what you can expect from us?

We are a values based social enterprise with honesty, trust, personal integrity, and passion at the heart of everything we do.  Our company values are independent and enterprising, passionate and caring.

The financial, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our employees is just as important as the wellbeing of our customers.  Employees enjoy fair, equitable wellbeing-focused reward programmes and access to exceptional training and development opportunities via The Nuffield Health Academy.

As an organisation, we have passion for taking care of people and take great pride in our exceptional, personalised customer care.  Our people are just as important as the customers they serve, and our people practises reflect this.

We continually strive to create an environment where people are respected, and feel personally and professionally fulfilled.  We want all employees to enjoy coming to work, to feel they have a work life balance and to have opportunities to give something back to society.

We empower our people to do the best job possible and be ambassadors of Nuffield Health - we place great importance on adult to adult conversations, doing the right thing and empowering our people to deliver.

Independent and Enterprising

Nuffield Health is a charity. We are free to reinvest any profit we make for our customers' benefit. This puts us in a unique position to constantly challenge the status quo, anticipate emerging needs and seek better ways of doing things for our customers.

Nuffield Health combines the best disciplines with the social values of charity. As a charity, our success is defined by our ability to improve people's health. As a business, our success is driven by our customers' long-term satisfaction.

Passionate and Caring

Our passion for the health of others gives us the energy, dedication and commitment to make a difference by helping our customers improve their health and to change their lives for the better.

Care is at the heart of our business. Looking after the needs of others requires compassion and devotion, so it's a special type of person who chooses to work with Nuffield Health. Our work is more than just a job to us. Being warm and empathetic towards our customers, focusing on their individual needs and feelings is how we make a real difference.

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