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Through our nationwide network of Hospitals, Clinics and Fitness and Wellbeing Centres, we offer the UK's most advanced programme of health assessments. Combining the benefits of state-of-the-art technology with specialist expertise, these assessments are designed to inspire positive change in our clients' behaviour - helping people to get healthy and stay that way.

Our corporate health assessment clients have access to a comprehensive range of healthcare services from prevention to cure. Likewise, the training and career development opportunities we provide go far beyond what would normally be available to Health, Exercise and Physical Activity/Personal Training/Sports Science/Exercise Science/Physiology graduates.

At Nuffield Health, our Health and Wellbeing Physiologists are experts in the understanding of how modern lifestyles affect health and wellbeing. Graduates in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity/Personal Training/Sports Science/Exercise Science/Physiology who are already experienced in helping individuals improve their health, will undergo an extensive and industry-leading clinical training programme designed to increase their understanding of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, posture, the development and progression of common lifestyle diseases, electrocardiography and health psychology strategies. In addition, our Health and Wellbeing Physiologists are educated to understand the true meaning of "health" and to develop strategies to improve their clients' energy, sleep quality, mood and general wellbeing.

This knowledge will be utilised by our expert Physiologists to perform advanced one-to-one health assessments on a range of clients, often alongside a Health Assessment Doctor. The Physiologists then use the results to recommend and coach evidence-based lifestyle interventions to improve their clients' overall health and wellbeing.

Once recruited as an Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, you will begin a 5 week training program to prepare you for the role. The first 4 weeks will be an intense theory-based residential training programme to ensure you are familiar with our products, our values and expectations. This includes an Intermediate Life Support course and a Venepuncture course. You will also undertake extensive training to conduct sub-maximal V02 max ECG testing. Once you have completed that, we will start to induct you into your role; you'll spend the 5th week shadowing one of our experienced Health and Wellbeing Physiologists before completing the remaining part of your induction programme with support and coaching based at your own site. Whichever role you've applied for in whichever location, the first 4 weeks of our Training Academy can be run from any of our sites across the UK so flexibility is required as you may need to stay away from home Monday - Friday for the 4 week period during which hotel accommodation will be provided.

Following successful completion of the training programme, all of our Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologists will become full professional members of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) which acts as the professional body for Health and Wellbeing Physiologists.  With a membership base of over 6,000 health professionals, and as a leading organisation in the world of health promotion and engagement, the RSPH enhance the profile of Health and Wellbeing Physiology, as well as helping to set standards and best practice within our field of work. Membership of the RSPH significantly strengthens the prospective career opportunities of an Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, and further underlines Nuffield Health's dedication to the development of Health and Wellbeing Physiology.

You can achieve your career potential with our structured development pathways programme

Starting on a salary of £20,000 pa as an Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, an established and highly supportive development structure is in place to ensure that you quickly fulfil your career potential. Once you successfully complete all the elements of your probationary period, your first progression will be to a fully-fledged Health and Wellbeing Physiologist and from there you'll have the opportunity to develop your experience and capability, further increasing your earnings. As you continually enhance your skills and with our support, you'll be looking to increase your client contact hours and once you've achieved  circa 2,400 hours you're potentially ready to step up to Senior Health and Wellbeing Physiologist level.  From there you may have the opportunity to move on to be a Health and Wellbeing Physiology Team Leader, a 'Meet our Experts' Physiologist or an Onsite Project Manager.

For the most ambitious and focused Physiologists, we would anticipate you having the opportunity to ultimately move into a Regional Clinical Lead Physiologist position specialising in the clinical aspects of the role, or alternatively you may be looking to opt for a more commercially led challenge as a Clinic Manager running a Health Assessment Clinic, an Integrated Clinical Services Manager running an integrated Physiotherapy and Health Assessment offering, or an Account Manager looking after some of our highly valued key account clients. There are a number of different pathways open to you dependent upon the aspects of the role you most enjoy and where your strengths lie.

Beyond this stage, you could be moving into a highly influential position either as a member of the Senior Physiology Management Team, an Integrated Centre Manager or a Regional Operations Manager.

Alternatively, at any stage in your career you may decide to pursue an equally rewarding but alternative career path as you will have access to Group wide opportunities across our estate of over 200 Fitness & Wellbeing Centres, Independent Clinics and Hospitals as well as roles within our Head Office and Regional Office support functions.

It's fair to say that when you join Nuffield Health as an Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, there is no limit to your potential, dependent upon your own personal aspirations and ambitions.

Diagram of Structured Career Development Pathways for Academy Physiologists

Flow Chart

The table below provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions regarding Health and Wellbeing Physiology Recruitment.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Central Recruitment Team via the contact details on our website.


Health and Wellbeing Physiologist Recruitment FAQ's




1. Does my qualification (e.g. degree) meet your requirements?

As a minimum you must possess a 2.2 Honours degree (BSC/BA) or Masters degree in:

  • Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, or;
  • Personal Training, or;
  • Sports and Exercise Science, or;
  • A related field (e.g. Exercise Physiology) 

Furthermore, your degree should have covered the following modules (you must be able to prove this by providing a degree transcript): 

  • Human physiology and health/disease;
  • Functional anatomy;
  • Exercise biochemistry;
  • Psychology and behaviour change;
  • Nutrition for health and/or sports nutrition

2. What do you class as relevant/applicable experience?

The experience we look for must have seen you working in a setting where you have worked with clients who are looking to prevent the onset of lifestyle associated diseases (such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes etc), or better manage existing manifestations of these diseases.

You should be able to provide clear examples of how you have helped such clients to make lifestyle and behavioural changes.

One of the best examples would be experience of working as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor.

We also accept applications from those who may have worked in a more clinical setting, such as cardiac rehabilitation.

Experience of working within a preventative health setting is essential.

This experience does not necessarily have to be post-graduate experience; we would encourage those interested in a career as a Health and Wellbeing Physiologist to attain this experience whilst they are studying wherever possible.

3. Can you tell me more about the residential training course?

These 4 week residential courses are offered to all successful applicants for Health and Wellbeing Physiologist vacancies. They may take place at any of our locations throughout England and Scotland, and you must be available to attend the full course.

The course covers a mixture of clinical theory and practical training, with the aim being to train the attendees to lead our health assessment products by the end of the course.

The training course also supports the Academy Health and Wellbeing Physiologists in completing the Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Physiology; an industry leading, externally verified qualification that all new team members will complete during their first 12 months.

A 5th week of training is provided at the location(s) that you will be based at. This enables you to shadow experienced Health and Wellbeing Physiologists, and develop your understanding of the role.

4. How often do you recruit for Health and Wellbeing Physiologists?

We currently recruit on a business needs basis as opposed to set times of the year. You are encouraged to sign up to job alerts on the Nuffield Health careers website in order to be notified of any vacancies.

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