HSSU (Sterilisation Services)

Each Hospital Support Services Unit (HSSU) at Nuffield Health contributes to our goal of constantly improving the quality, cleanliness and safety of our patient care. The role of an HSSU is to clean and sterilise hospital theatre equipment in compliance with the high standards issued by the Department of Health.

Following a major programme of investment, we now have a network of six fully compliant units serving all Nuffield Health hospitals, together with two Joint Venture clinics. Our six units are located at Wetherby, Tiverton, Cambridge, Warwick, Stoke and Eastleigh, with each serving a local cluster of hospitals. Over 400,000 trays/12 million instruments are now being processed per annum and the HSSUs provide opportunities for more than 200 staff across a variety of roles.

The Unit Manager maintains accredited quality standards, ensures customer satisfaction and manages a highly trained and competent workforce of processing staff. Extensive management experience in Production is essential for this role. Meanwhile, a Production Manager needs both extensive sterile services experience and Decontamination qualifications.

The Engineering team maintains and tests the machines involved in the decontamination process. It's a highly skilled area requiring specialised training.

Production Team Leaders supervise shifts: allocating work and ensuring standards are maintained. You need experience of processing and sterile services, with demonstrable team leading skills.

As a Lead Technician or Process Technician you'll be skilled in processing surgical instruments throughout the decontamination process. The job involves contact with used instruments, so rigid safety procedures are always upheld.

Driver /Technicians ensure that instruments are delivered and collected according to the customer's requirements. In practice you're the ambassadors of the HSSU. Full training is also provided on the use of tachographs and ADR. Supervising the driving team is the Logistics Team Leader, who meets delivery schedules and manages compliance with driving regulations and vehicle maintenance.

To play the key role of Quality Co-ordinator you'll need a keen eye for detail, together with IT skills. You'll be supported by an equally accurate Administrator. And last but not least, our Cleaners follow strict safety guidelines to maintain our working environment.

We're always on the lookout for talent but, as you can appreciate, we don't have openings in all locations, all of the time. Use job search to see if we have something for you right now or call our Recruitment Hotline on 0800 587 7470. Alternatively register your interest, then we'll be in touch when we have a suitable vacancy.

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