Karen – Theatre Manager

"I was working in the NHS when a work colleague recommended that I consider Nuffield Health. He knew they were looking for a new Theatre Manager and thought I would be perfect for the role.

I joined in September 2007 and have never looked back. The minute I walked through the doors I felt like I had come home. It's a lovely, friendly hospital and a great place to work. For the first time in years, I feel as if I really make a difference and my contribution is valued.

Since joining, I've learned so much. As a Senior Manager within the hospital, it's not just the clinical side of things that I have to make decisions about. It's commercially very stimulating. I do know that, to some, the number of theatres we have might look like this is an easy job compared to running a 7 theatre suite in the NHS, but the scope of the role is much wider and I have progressed managerially and professionally without any doubt.

We're very busy and we cover such a vast range of surgical specialties that it can be challenging, but on the whole, we're a great team with good facilities and ultimately we're all here to provide our patients with the highest quality care. It's really good to appreciate that the focus of our role is all about giving an excellent level of service to our patients and consultants.

In a nutshell, working here has given me fantastic experience. I can't imagine working elsewhere now. I feel like I belong."

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