Our Roles


We’re offering a new approach to health and wellbeing. So we’re looking for a new kind of leader.

Our leaders must be as innovative as the groundbreaking connections we’ve made between our services. They should be as forward-looking as the technology we’re adopting as we transform our organisation. And they should be inspiring to our staff, patients and members.

With a strategic focus on growth and connected healthcare, we need leaders across our network to drive our evolution forward. From quality governance, to social ethics and financial stability, our leaders are at the heart of shaping the success of our unique Nuffield Health brand.

A different kind of leader, you’ll help us stand out as positively different in our market. You’ll create new solutions, make what’s great now even better, and take us on a journey of growth.

Like us, you’ll be commercially astute but committed to customer care above all. You’re a perfect leader for an organisation that reinvests every penny in its services and people, to benefit its patients and members. Naturally, you’ve also got a particular passion for health and wellbeing.

Leading by example, you’ll embody our key Leadership Behaviours:

Focussing on where we’re going by shaping our future, involving people in realising our purpose, and delivering one strategy.

Collaborating on building One Nuffield Health by acting as part of one team, creating strong networks and enabling joined up working.

Caring about our impact by listening to the needs of patients, customers and colleagues, building capability for the future, and being a role model.

Energising people into taking action by being ambitious, taking others with you on the change journey, empowering others and driving quality.

We need all sorts of leaders - from clinical leaders at our hospitals, to business leaders in our operations teams, to commercial leaders in our procurement and finance functions.

Whatever your leadership expertise, you can play a pivotal role in our ongoing evolution as a business. And as we develop, you can be sure that you will grow with us.

If you are an innovative, forward-looking and inspiring leader, we want to hear from you. To find out what we can achieve together, contact careers@nuffieldhealth.com