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Thinking of New Year New Job? If you’re looking at updating your CV take a look at these 5 top tips below;


  • Include your location

You may not want anyone to know your personal details but if you put the town you live in down on your CV it’ll help a recruiter check whether a journey is actually possible/suitable for you before contacting you – doing some of the ground work for you!

  • Personal Statement

This is a great opportunity to highlight what you’re looking for and why, whether it’s a part-time job for family reasons, a change in career following recent studies or the next step up for progression. If you’ve had a career break or sabbatical you could also cover this here.

  • Company details

It’s hard to know what every company does so it’s great to use a quick intro to the company. Why? A recruiter may know that certain skills picked up from certain environments will work well in their vacancy. For example, someone who’s worked for an FMCG may suit a fast paced role or banking may suit a role full of thorough processes.

  • Job details

Bullet points! Keep your role details in bullet points and concise. This makes it so much easier to read but also helps your key skills stand out – so make sure you include what you want people to see. Remember to include figures, budgets, stats & numbers.

  • Education

What should you include?

  • GCSE’s for Maths, English and Science.
  • Any further education, give your dissertation topics if you’re a fairly recent graduate.
  • Courses you’ve taken independently or in your previous employment.


If you need any help with your application you can email our recruitment team who’ll be happy to help you via

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