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GP services are a vital part of Nuffield Health’s approach to preventative healthcare.  Whether you’re based in one of our Hospitals or our Fitness & Wellbeing Centres, you’ll have more time to care – and more time to fully understand your patients’ needs.

Dr Ajay Bagga, our Lead Doctor at Canary Wharf, told us why he enjoys his GP work in the private sector;

  • More time with patients.
    • ‘I get lots of time with clients which enables me to give them as much help as possible, up to an hour in our 360 Health Assessments. It’s definitely more rewarding to spend more time with your patients.’
  • Scheduled appointments in a structured day.
    • ‘All my appointments are booked in with very few changes so I know my day and can plan ahead.’
  • Excellent work life balance due to a relaxed environment.
    • After a day of work at Nuffield Health I still have the energy to make plans in the evenings. It’s important to look after yourself,  keep healthy and on top of preventative health.’


To apply for any of our current GP vacancies please click here, we have a number of opportunities available and can accommodate 2 days per week for anyone looking to try the private sector alongside existing work. If you have any queries please email

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