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How long have you worked at Nuffield Health?

‘Four fantastic years 2014 – Present.’


What attracted you to your first job here?  

‘I was working in the NHS when I decided to look into the private sector. I was immediately attracted to Nuffield as it encompassed more than just the clinical stuff, it was a whole array of wellbeing services.’


Have you had any other roles here and if so what has been your career path?

‘As a radiographer here at Nuffield Cardiff, it is a pleasure to be able to work within a multidisciplinary team and wear a couple of different hats! We all work together in such an autonomous way that we support each other’s roles.’


Tell us about a typical day in your job?

‘Although we have a diary, with booked appointments for a plethora of examinations, we are able to offer a one stop service whereby patients who are seen by consultants that day, can be imaged/treated too! This definitely keeps me on my toes. Again, we don’t just take the most beautiful images… we have to protocol and ensure each patient is safe and appropriate for that particular examination in the first instance! Whether it’s prepping for spinal pain management under fluoroscopy, or assisting surgeons in high tibial osteotomies.’


What does being a Radiographer mean to you?

‘Being a radiographer is more than just a ‘medical photographer’. With a plethora of imaging modalities, my job includes working within a highly specialised team with incredibly delicate equipment – all of which must be operated under IRMER2000 regulations and IRR99. It is my job not only to produce images of the highest quality for diagnosis, but to do so safely and without overexposure. Understandably some patients are incredibly anxious, so it’s also my role to ensure a calm and protected environment.’


Do you have any key achievements you’d like to share?

‘I have been lucky to complete my post graduate certificate in the Clinical Competence in Mammography at Cardiff University. I also attended a two day course and Cobalt’s health Cheltenham branch, where I was taught by Catherine Westbrook and John Talbot – leading authors in today’s MRI textbooks! This was all made possible with the support and encouragement from my awesome manager! Thank you!’


For someone looking to be a Radiographer do you have any advice or top tips?

‘Work hard and never underestimate the role and responsibilities of the radiographer!’

Working in private healthcare can be a big step for prospective clinical employees, what would you advise them about the differences and / or benefits?

‘I now feel like I have more time to interact with clients. Of course the NHS is understandably busy, however I now get to meet patients and follow their whole entire pathway.’


When we ask our people what they enjoy about working in our Hospitals, we often hear it is having a smaller team with larger responsibility whilst being part of and having exposure to a much wider team. Is this something you can comment on?

‘Totally. I work in such a small team (with a lot of character!) but one that fits in with every other department across both sites.’



What do you enjoy the most about working for Nuffield Health?

‘The autonomy and the flexibility without doubt. That’s without mentioning the constant support and encouragement from my manager to grow and progress, just awesome.’



The professional and personal wellbeing of our staff is important to us, how do you benefit from a work life balance with us?

‘Well I’ve never worked somewhere where I was asked what I’d prefer! I am so lucky to work in a department where my life is taken into account to facilitate both my personal needs and of course the business’s needs.


Radiology is ultimately defined as the science utilised to produce diagnostic and or/ therapeutic imaging of the human body. This can be done by means of numerous specialised modalities, all of which we have here at Nuffield Health Cardiff and Vale Hospitals. What is even better, is how Nuffield will support your interests in such specialist progression, and ensure your career needs are met. I have been lucky enough to complete my Post Graduate Certification in the Clinical Competence in Mammography at Cardiff University – that’s a whole Masters module. I’ve also attended a two-day course at Cobalt Health’s Cheltenham branch, where I was taught by Catherine Westbrook and John Talbot – MRI’s leading and bestselling textbook authors. If that isn’t enough, I am part of a fantastic multidisciplinary team, all of whom help, encourage and inspire. With that in mind, we have the gratification of working within an autonomous department – allowing us to make decisions and retain the freedom to perform in accordance to our professional knowledge base. With such autonomy comes flexibility, allowing the team to utilise one another’s skills/specialities to facilitate the business whilst allowing for CPD and mandatory learning sessions, educational days and teaching shifts with senior members of the department.’


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