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I began working for Nuffield Health as an Enquiry Handler in November 2018; it is my first role within the company and it is nothing if not a varied one. My job at the Nuffield Health hospital in Cambridge is unique from some of the other hospitals in that as well as dealing with incoming enquiries, I also deal with outpatient bookings.

On a typical day at work I will spend the majority of my day on the telephone, completing bookings and answering enquiries; though enquiries will also come into the hospital via web form and email. An enquiry can take many forms, ranging from questions about parking availability to more complex requests for guide prices on procedures. A degree of investigative work can be required here as I will have to contact medical secretaries and colleagues for guidance so as to provide patients with an answer to their questions. The role of Enquiry Handler is especially significant as it means that more often than not I am the first point of contact a patient or family member has with the hospital and it is my responsibility to make their experience as positive as possible.

The outpatient bookings part of my job involves booking initial consultations and follow up appointments for patients either over the telephone, via email or from referrals sent to the hospital. It is a fast paced role and the ability to multi-task is a must. In the space of just a few minutes I can go from speaking to clients and colleagues to medical secretaries and consultants, all requiring very different levels of service and information. The team at Cambridge are supportive and are always willing to help each other out and whilst the overall structure of my day remains the same, the intricacies of what I do and who I will end up talking to varies greatly.

For me, the best part of working for Nuffield Health is that for the first time in my working life I do not have to take my work home with me; when I leave the hospital at the end of my shift I do so knowing that I can switch off again until my next shift starts. Whilst I have not been in my current role long enough to feel that I have achieved anything particularly significant, each day has its own small accomplishments; whether that is having answered someone’s question or helping a patient make a step towards getting the treatment they want or need. Most importantly, not a day goes by where I do not learn something new and I am eager to continue expanding my horizons and growing in my career.

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