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We spoke to Adam about his role with us as one of the Joint Pain Programme Personal Trainers at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing in Norwich.


What attracted you to your first job here? What did you do previously?

I’ve worked for Nuffield Health for just about two and a half years. My interest in the fitness industry has always been in using exercise and fitness to improve health. Working for a company that shares that ethos was always going to be an attractive proposition. When the opportunity to get involved in the Joint Pain Programme came up, with the potential to improve people’s lives through exercise, it seemed a pretty obvious fit for my interests and skillset.

Before working for Nuffield Health I spent some time working in one of the budget gyms in Norwich, as well as working in the hospitality industry for a number of years in London before moving up here.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to help people. It might seem like a cliche to say that seeing people realise they’re moving and feeling better is why we do this, but it is true. And it’s never dull. There’s always a new challenge or a new problem to solve, and a new person to help.


Tell us about a typical day in your job?

I’m mostly a morning person, so I tend to work early shifts, which means a 6am start, leading a couple of group classes until just before 8am, then Health MOTs and inductions through until 3pm, plus the occasional other class, MOD fitness test, and of course making sure the place is clean and tidy.

If it’s one of my off shift days, it means my morning PT sessions before breakfast, then paperwork through until lunch, when have clients booked through until the early evening. I usually try to be finished at 7pm, all while fitting in my own workouts along the way.

For the Joint Pain days I’ll be delivering sessions in the afternoon, working with my groups through until 4pm, at which point it’s time for a few more clients in the evening.


Do you have any key achievements that you’d like to share?

One of my proudest achievements was earlier this year, when one of my Joint Pain participants was fit enough to go back to work, having been signed off on disability benefits since October of last year. Being able to have that much impact on somebody’s life is hugely rewarding, and one of the real reasons I do the job I do.


For someone looking to be a Personal Trainer with Nuffield Health, do you have any advice or top tips?

My advice would be: try to figure out what it is that you love about this job, as it can be some long days, but it’s not work if you’re able to harness your passion and your interests. And don’t forget, being a Personal Trainer isn’t an individual role. You’re part of a team. So working out your role in that team is important. You’ll bring something to the table that no one else does.


What do you enjoy the most about working for Nuffield Health?

The challenge of helping people improve not only their fitness, but their physical and mental health. Knowing that we can actually have a positive impact on society and can help improve lives.


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