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Creating an environment to thrive in

We caught up with Jay Morris, Nurse Education Lead. Jay shares his thoughts and highlights on his time so far at Nuffield Health and what inspired him to join us 11 years ago.

Tell us about the team you work in?

I have the privilege of leading the nursing education team where it’s more than just a job – our team is like a close-knit family, driven by a shared commitment to shaping and delivering a nursing education strategy, and a shared passion for nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. We are constantly evolving and enhancing our nursing education offering, making sure it's not just reflective of clinical practice, but also tailored to the real experiences our Nurses, Theatre Practitioners and HCA’s will face. Providing learner support and enhancing their experience is paramount to us. We have created a warm and welcoming environment for them to thrive, designing an offering that makes the first steps into their careers feel like a supportive journey and not just a job. We are hands-on, providing coaching and clinical supervision that goes beyond the technicalities, aiming to build confidence and resilience.

Why did you choose to work at Nuffield Health?

I chose to work at Nuffield Health following an extremely positive experience during my student clinical placement at a Nuffield Health hospital. There was a strong team culture, and I was particularly grateful for the unwavering support I received from the entire team. Nothing was ever too much trouble. The collaborative and supportive environment fostered a sense of belonging that left a lasting impression. What drew me even closer was Nuffield Health's unique identity as a charitable organisation. The prospect of contributing to a cause greater than myself, particularly one focused on building a healthier nation, resonated deeply with my values.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nuffield Health?

I absolutely love working at Nuffield Health for a multitude of reasons, but if I were to pick a favourite, it would be the profound sense of purpose and genuine care that defines the charity. It's not just a job, it is a privilege to be part of an organisation that wholeheartedly invests in its people and prioritises the well-being of the patients we care for.  Moreover, the collaborative spirit at Nuffield Health is truly special. I get to work alongside a team of likeminded people who share a passion for delivering high-quality care, making every day a rewarding and enriching experience.

What is your career highlight/s?

Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of contributing to significant advancements in the nursing field. One of my most notable achievements has been spearheading the development and successful implementation of a comprehensive nursing career pathway. This initiative aimed to provide clear and achievable steps for someone joining the charity without any prior experience or qualifications, to progress with their career aspirations, promoting professional growth and enhancing the overall quality of patient care. I was also honoured to have been shortlisted for the ‘Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year’ award at the prestigious Nursing Times Workforce Awards. This recognition is particularly meaningful to me, as it highlights my commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable working environment. Dedicating myself to championing diversity and inclusion has been a core aspect of both my professional and personal journey, and being acknowledged in this category reinforces the importance of creating workplaces where everyone feels valued and represented.

Tell us about your career progression at Nuffield Health?

I began my journey with Nuffield Health as a newly qualified staff nurse, where I gained valuable experience working on a surgical unit. Eager to expand my skills, I transitioned to a role in the cardiac intensive care unit, where I honed my expertise in critical care nursing. Recognising my dedication and leadership qualities, I was promoted to the position of Charge Nurse, overseeing, and coordinating nursing activities within the surgical unit. This role not only enhanced my leadership and advanced clinical skills but also provided an opportunity to contribute to the team's success. Motivated by a passion for education and professional development, I transitioned to a central role in the Learning and Development team. In this capacity, I played a key role in shaping and delivering the nursing education curriculum, ensuring that the nursing workforce stay abreast of the latest advancements in patient care.

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