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A positive journey

Meet Jayne Field, Medical Secretary Team Leader at our Shrewsbury Hospital. We asked Jayne about what life at Nuffield Health looks like for her.

How long have you worked for Nuffield Health? 

Just over 7 years.

Tell us about the team you work in? 

I work in the medical secretary department, and over the years have worked for many different consultants of varying specialities.  The role is varied and exciting, learning different specialisms and associated terminology! 

Currently we are a team of 9 secretaries and although working independently for our own consultants, come together very much as a team.  We all come from different backgrounds with our previous medical experience; NHS, GP surgeries and other health care settings.  We currently cover the workload for 30 consultants with more waiting to join us.  We are a dynamic and hard working team providing an excellent quality secretarial service to our consultants.

Why did you choose to work at Nuffield Health? 

I chose to work for Nuffield Health as having previously worked within the NHS I wanted to experience a smaller hospital environment.  The staff are so friendly and coming into work is a pleasure, we are like family.  Each department is helpful and everybody knows everybody, we are one big team!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nuffield Health? 

I think my favourite thing about working here has got to be the friendly staff, everybody is made to feel welcome and it really is a big plus for me having not experienced that within the NHS. All the teams work closely together to ensure the patient journey is a positive one.

What is your career highlight/s? 

My career highlight is being promoted to team leader, I absolutely love this role and my team are fabulous people to work alongside.

Tell us about your career progression at Nuffield Health?

Career progression is encouraged here at the Nuffield.  Plenty of courses and apprenticeships are offered to help with your career and internal progression is also supported if the opportunity arises.

How do you use your employee benefits?  

Employee benefits include free parking, free uniform, free Nuffield Health gym membership and free private healthcare.  Obviously the free parking is a blessing, and the free healthcare is a big bonus!

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