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Jude Dunn our Senior Physiotherapist at Warwick Hospital tells us about her role with us at Nuffield Health from having been the first RAF Reserves Physiotherapist.


Jude started working at Nuffield Health in 2012 as part-time bank staff covering an in-patient orthopaedic role and also outpatient’s musculoskeletal role.

‘Initially I joined as bank staff to ensure that when a job became available I would have the insight and relevant experience relating to Nuffield patients to apply.’

When a full-time position became available in 2014 she applied and was successful in becoming a Senior Physiotherapist.


So what’s different about being a Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health?

We asked Jude what attracted her to working for Nuffield Health as a Physiotherapist and what appealed to her about holding out for that permanent position.

  • ‘The staff are very friendly.’
  • ‘The working culture – CPD, in-house training, support for personal/professional development.’
  • ‘Variety of job roles – outpatients, inpatients, aqua therapy, respiratory patients, triage.’
  • ‘The amazing hot chocolate!!’
  • ‘Benefits including individual CPD budget, in-house CPD training, gym membership, healthcare etc.’
  • ‘Flexible working – changing around hours to be able to meet my military commitments.’

As a Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health you can work in a variety of settings; Hospitals, Gyms, Clinics or at home doing Triage. Jude has a mobile role with us in which she works across multiple sites; she tells us exactly what she loves about the variety.

‘I am lucky to have variety in my job in that I work across both the hospital as an In and Out Patient Physio, at the Wellbeing Centre for Outpatients and additionally triage calls.
No two patients are the same so each day brings new challenges and reward, with a vast age range of clients from varied backgrounds that all have different expectations of physio and future goals.


Are you looking into becoming a Physiotherapist? Jude tells us her tips;

‘Get an insight into what physio is all about through placements and talking to other Physio’s– it’s not just grabbing the first aid bag and rushing onto the sports pitch. It is a lot more exciting with many variations and speciality areas.
Study – a 3 year BSc degree that includes placement. It may be challenging but is a great insight into what to expect and help you to decide what area of physio you would like to explore further.’


‘Physiotherapy is about helping people to help themselves – when you are in pain life can be a bit hard. I have the pleasure of helping patients back to health and getting them back to enjoying the little things that are most important. For example a with a hip or knee replacement patient I see them from struggling to walk with high levels of pain pre-surgery to seeing them getting back to walking – it is fantastic.’


Apply to our Physiotherapist positions here.
If you’re looking to discuss opportunities for current or ex-reservists you can get in touch with our team on

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