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Kerry is a Health & Wellbeing Manager at one of our corporate sites. Currently, she manages the Health and Wellbeing programme for her site but we asked her about her career previous to Nuffield Health and her transition to a civilian career.


‘I have worked on the BNY Mellon Boat Races and in a sports marketing agency since leaving the Army. Whilst serving I had a range of leadership roles in the Royal Artillery, primarily in heavy firepower and drones. Not immediately relevant to Nuffield! But in fact, the transition has similarities for everyone, regardless of role, and there are many generic military skills that are transferable, mainly around leadership and project management. I would definitely recommend a career at Nuffield to military leavers who do not have a clinical background. There are lots of opportunities.’


So, if you’re looking into resettlement and are considering your options for civilian careers, take a read of Kerry’s top 5 tips!


  • Start to build your network as early as possible. Being ex-military does not mean that you can simply ask contacts for a job when the time comes, you need to form two-way relationships.
  • Treat every single chat, coffee, email and meeting like an interview, no matter how informal it may be. Every encounter is an opportunity and you are well prepared and well presented, you won’t be caught out.
  • Be prepared to learn from those already in the civilian world and don’t make the mistake of thinking that a lack of charisma means a lack of ability. You’ll meet some incredibly skilled and capable people who will be able to teach you, and help you, a great deal.
  • Don’t waste anyone’s time. If you end up on a path that’s not right for you, politely withdraw yourself from the running early on. You’ll maintain a good reputation, rather than burning bridges.
  • Always send a thank you note to people who have made time for you. It goes a long way and, particularly if handwritten, will make you memorable.


Make sure you come and talk to us at any Career Transition Partnership recruitment events, we’ll be happy to talk about all our suitable opportunities. If you miss us or would like any support in your application please get in touch via

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