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We interviewed Samantha to find out more about her role as a CBT Therapist with us at Nuffield Health.

How long have you worked in CBT?
‘I qualified as a Cognitive Behaviour therapist in 2014.  Since this date I have continued to practise CBT across both Children and Adolescent & Adult mental health services.’


What attracted you to your career in this field?
‘I have always had an interest in working in the field of mental health, particularly in a therapeutic discipline. Due to this interest my previous employer offered me the opportunity to complete the CYP IAPT CBT pathway, Post Graduate Diploma.  Whilst the course could be challenging at times I soon became a strong advocate for CBT as it facilitates a safe place for the client to gain a shared understanding of their distress, and its maintenance, in a non-judgemental and simplified manner. After which you take steps together to create a treatment plan.’


Nuffield Health have obviously recently acquired CBT, how have you found working in our organisation?
‘I am actually a recent starter at Nuffield Health (April 2018).  Since joining I have found my colleagues to be very supportive as they have each made time to introduce and familiarise me to processes and team.  Equally, it is evident that Nuffield Health is dedicated to enhancing their employees professional development. Something which I believe to be key for delivering an excellent and current package of care to our clients.’


Tell us about a typical day in your job?

‘Typically, I work across a number of Nuffield Health sites within various multi-disciplinary teams (i.e. consultants, physiotherapists, physiologists, personal trainers and administration staff).  On a day-to-day basis I deliver CBT to clients who present with moderate to severe mental health difficulties.  The age range for my clients can vary from children and adolescents through to adulthood.  What’s more, I also complete telephone triage assessments which allow us to gain an understanding of the clients presenting difficulties so that we can ensure that they are placed on an appropriate and evidenced based treatment pathway.’


Do you have any key achievements you’d like to share?

‘I have recently completed the DBT Level 3 training.  DBT is another area of therapeutic interest of mine so the training and programme is something which I really enjoy delivering and hope to continue to do so in the future.
Since joining Nuffield I have also had the opportunity to co-deliver peer supervision and present material/training packages to external agencies.  Both of these duties have created variety within my role and enhanced my professional development.’


For someone looking to be a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist do you have any advice or top tips?

‘I think that people should absolutely pursue their aspirations and career choices.  If mental health and CBT is something which sparks your interest then this is certainly worth thinking a little more about.  There are many routes into CBT but it may be worthwhile speaking to a CBT therapist to gain more information or partaking in a short ‘taster’ course which would provide you with an overarching understanding of CBT and its ethos.’


What do you enjoy the most about working for Nuffield Health?
Prior to starting at Nuffield I was apprehensive about being placed remotely from my immediate CBT colleagues.  However, since joining I have found my colleagues to be excellent at maintaining contact on a frequent basis as they all do go the extra mile in helping each other. Likewise, working remotely has also strengthened my working relationship and understanding of other professions.


The professional and personal wellbeing of our staff is important to us, how do you benefit from a work life balance with us?
Nuffield health offers a variety of benefits, including a free gym membership and the cycle to work scheme.  Personally, I have found my team to be very flexible and understanding when it comes to commitments outside of work too.


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