With a network of CPA status laboratories across the country, we provide what we believe is a unique leading-edge service provision model.

Operated through a fully-integrated, ‘hub and spoke’  arrangement covering our national network of  hospitals and associated wellbeing centres, our fully-accredited laboratories provide a comprehensive in-house pathology service in support of increasingly complex surgery and the testing requirements of a range of clients.

As well as accredited lab training, our Pathology teams enjoy the best in innovation, expertise and investment to support our patient-focused agenda. With a standardised state-of-the-art Laboratory Information System including  an on-line  paperless system of reporting results, our teams are able to tailor test profiles, pathology reports, clinical advice and service delivery to meet individual requirements.

We offer a range of career opportunities, including full-time, part-time and bank positions and includes HCPC registered Biomedical Scientists, biomedical science support staff and phlebotomists. Whether you join one of our hubs as a Pathology Manager, Quality Manager, Biomedical Scientist or Laboratory Assistant or join one of our spoke laboratories as a Pathology Coordinator, regardless of the role in our teams, we’re looking for people who combine a passion for pathology with great communication, customer service skills with an eye for detail and a ‘can do’ attitude.
Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll have every opportunity to develop your knowledge across the range of biomedical science disciplines, so that you can become a strong generalist with an enhanced range of skills and abilities. Most importantly, our holistic, integrated approach means that you can form a closer connection to the person behind the sample.

We currently have opportunities for HCPC registered Biomedical Scientists and support staff in the following disciplines and locations.

Overview key locations / pathology hubs + areas of specialism
•    Histopathology
•    Blood Sciences
•    Microbiology
•    Virology

Table of Hub & Spoke arrangement and services at each Blood science Transfusion Histopathology Shrewsbury, Chester, North Staffs.

Glasgow Blood science Transfusion Histopathology
Newcastle Blood science Transfusion Tees POCT Phlebotomy
Leeds Blood science Transfusion Histopathology Microbiology York POCT
Wolverhampton Blood science Transfusion POCT
Leicester Blood science Transfusion
Warwick (Specialist Laboratory) Blood science Transfusion Histopathology Microbiology Virology Phlebotomy Derby POCT Phlebotomy
Oxford Blood science Transfusion Histopathology
Cheltenham Blood science Transfusion Bristol, Cardiff Vale, (Hereford) POCT
Guildford Blood science Transfusion Microbiology Woking Blood science
Brentwood Blood science Transfusion Microbiology Ipswich, Cambridge Blood science
Brighton Blood science Transfusion Haywards-Heath, Tunbridge Wells Blood science Histopathology
Hampshire Blood science Transfusion Histopathology Chichester, Bournemouth Blood science
Exeter Blood science Transfusion Taunton, Plymouth POCT Phlebotomy
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