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Championing each other’s strengths

What is your name and your role?

Jodie Breach, National Physiotherapy Lead.

Why did you choose to work at Nuffield Health?

I had been working in the independent sector for a while before joining but was drawn specifically to Nuffield Health being a charity and investing any profits back into our charitable purpose. Clinically, Nuffield Health also gave me the opportunity to become a well-rounded rehabilitation physiotherapist with time and equipment to provide high quality care to my patients.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety and teamwork – I have a fabulous team in my physiotherapy regional leads and operations specialist as well as the wider primary care team when I get to work closely with our GP, physiology, mental health and clinical fitness lead to keep working towards achieving truly connected care. These teams are not just colleagues but also friends that I can rely on for support, advice and constructive criticism at all times. I still work clinically at Cheltenham one day a week and love the mutual support we all give each other and champion each other strengths.

What do you enjoy most about working at Nuffield Health?

Clinically it is the ability to spend quality time with my patients and take them through the whole rehabilitation journey back to what they love. In my leadership role, it is the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the work we do and influence how physiotherapy can contribute and create best in class care for the whole person.

Tell us about your career at Nuffield Health so far.

I started as a senior physio at Cheltenham Nuffield in 2008 on just a few hours a week when I moved there for love! Over the next couple of years, I built up my hours as the service developed helped by me developing as a foot and ankle specialist, getting regular referrals from my orthopaedic colleagues and then vestibular rehabilitation. I had a couple of breaks when I had my two children but came back with enthusiasm in 2014. I then got involved with the Academy team, providing teaching on the foot and ankle workshop, which led to me getting a Regional Clinical Lead position alongside my clinical work. This developed into a Regional Physiotherapy Lead and then the National Lead position in October 2021.

Tell us about a time where Nuffield Health supported you.

I have had my masters degree funded that has contributed to me progressing in NH as both a clinician and leader. Furthermore, I have always been encouraged by both peers and seniors to embrace new opportunities and challenges that has led to me growing as an individual.



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