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We asked Matthew Piff, one of Regional Physiotherapy Lead’s what made him pursue a career in physiotherapy and why he chose to continue it at Nuffield Health

What made you want to pursue a career in your role?  

I started in Nuffield Health as a senior physiotherapist in Woking and Guildford, quickly taking on the physio manager role at Woking.  After 2 years there I moved home to Cheltenham taking on a senior physio role at Swindon FWBC and an ALP role in the remote services team.  I progressed within the ALP role into a lead role, helping support and progress the ALP role within remote services at a time of significant development of the role.  This role challenged my expertise, developing from a clinician to a lead that considers aspects of a service that maintains safety, effectiveness and develops governance strategies.  Following this I moved into a site management role, taking on the Integrated Clinical Services Manager role at Cheltenham Hospital.  This role involved working with multiple clinical service lines, working closely with the wider MDT to deliver high quality care.  Finally, over the past 9 months I have been working in the Regional Physiotherapy Lead role, returning to a role that underpins the governance, safety and effectiveness of our services, alongside pushing service delivery and excellence forwards.

What made you choose a career with Nuffield Health?

I chose to come to Nuffield Health 10 years ago because I had friends who worked for the company and spoke very highly about it.  The senior physiotherapist role had the challenges I needed to progress my clinical career and opportunity to develop.  The delivery of healthcare by a trading charity that put profit back into the company to develop services and the people who deliver it was a very attractive proposition.

 What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety my role offers me.  I work both in the clinical space and a leadership role.  It enables me to have both an impact on our patients care and outcomes.  Along with an impact on my colleagues working life, aiming to improve our services and deliver excellent care.

What do you enjoy most about working at Nuffield Health?

I am proud to work for a charity that has building a healthier nation and holistic care at the centre of what it delivers.  Nuffield Health’s charitable purpose delivering flagship healthcare services to people in need, promoting healthy lives, fits well with my personal beliefs on health and wellbeing.

Describe your colleagues and your relationship as a team?

I currently work within the Physio Senior Leadership Team as a Regional Physiotherapy Lead.  This team is made up of other regional leads, our National Lead, the Learning and Development team and Resource Planning.  We meet regularly to discuss all things physiotherapy, keeping the quality pillars (safety, effective and experience) at the forefront of our plans and development.  As a team we work on projects to improve service delivery, clinical expertise and opportunity for growth of a service and an individual.

Tell us about a proud moment you’ve had in your role?

I am proud of completing my MSc in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy, in conjunction with the University of Birmingham and Nuffield Health.  Nuffield Health helped fund my MSc, providing time and facilities to help complete my course.  I feel this has really progressed my patient care and knowledge to help lead my region.

Tell us about a time where Nuffield Health supported you?

Earlier in my career I needed to relocate due to starting a family, childcare costs and needs, meaning it was difficult for me stay in the part of the country I lived in at that time.  My line manager at the time, helped me find a role closer to home and was instrumental in me staying with Nuffield Health and progressing my career closer to family and friends.

What is your favourite patient, customer or client story?

The patient that sticks in my mind, is a patient who I saw in clinic who presented with some unusual symptoms related to possible serious pathology.  The patient had come to me from a GP referral and his presentation concerned me following a thorough assessment.  I referred the patient on for further investigation and found that the client had a significant blood clot in his brain.  Following emergency surgery, the patient made a good recovery, avoiding any potential serious outcome.

Tell us about a memory at Nuffield Health that you will never forget?

I will never forget attending a senior leadership conference in Manchester.  The presentations, delivery and team building was second to none and highlighted what a great company Nuffield Health is.

 At Nuffield Health, ‘It starts with X’ – what would you say X is?

It starts with you!  Nuffield Health is invested in you and enabling you to become the best clinician you can be.  Delivering excellent care, benefiting your patients, enabling them to live a healthy active life.  The opportunity to develop and the support you get from senior leadership to progress has always been fantastic. 

Can you give an overview of Physiotherapy and what it’s like working in Physiotherapy with Nuffield Health?

Physiotherapy in Nuffield Health can be varied and wide reaching.  It covers MSK, orthopaedics, pelvic health, remote services and charitable flagship programmes.  Working for Nuffield Health can offer variety to your clinical caseload.  With opportunities to expand your knowledge and clinical expertise. 

What is the benefits, support, CDP & career pathways like?

Nuffield Health supports CPD development and career pathways and puts this at the forefront of staff development.  Nuffield Health has many opportunities to progress clinically, from in-house learning to funding of external courses. 

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day with Nuffield Health involves patient contact across various disciplines.  Working in facilities that enable excellent rehab opportunities.  It also involves time for team engagement and personal development, enabling an individual to feel connected to their peers and constantly improve.


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