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A feel good atmosphere

Meet Caroline Richardson, Theatre Manager at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital. Caroline joined us 15 years ago and shares her journey working with us so far.

Tell us about your career progression at Nuffield Health?

I started out as a recovery nurse in the first instance on the bank here. I was approached to see if I would take a full time post on the scrub/recovery side initially, but went on to mainly undertake a scrub nurse role.I then became the lead ODP for scrub and went on to also do my 1st assistant role. I then became one of the deputy’s to the then theatre manager and undertook a management qualification, with Nuffield Tees, which I completed with good results. I have now taken up the role of Theatre Manager here at Tees. This is and was the goal I wanted to reach in my career, and I take pride that I achieved my ultimate goal, especially here at Tees.

Tell us about the team you work in?

I feel very proud to have a great theatre team who are led by example-

The staff are all very proactive and we have put a lot of scrub staff who have gone through their SFA training at both level one and 2, all passing with excellent results.

We have a dedicated SFA team which is utilised to support many of our specialities and we look were possible to promote within, should staff want this or we feel would possibly fit these roles. We take pride that we at Tees are a theatre team throughout and collaborate together to give organised and safe care to our patients.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we adjust to change easily as a hospital, due to the culture we have at Tees and that our Consultants are always commenting on our structured and organised department and hospital.

I myself as a theatre manager feel very supportive of my senior team who support me, within my role and feel really privileged to be the theatre manager and being totally supported in taking the role and the support I receive from my theatre team at being and delivering such high standards at all times.

Why did you choose to work at Nuffield Health?

I chose Nuffield as I have always felt supported in the Hospital in whatever role I have undertaken within the years I have worked here. I can honestly say that I have always been happy to be here and help with the progression over the years that has been developed. Within Tees. I can say that I personally feel valued as a Nuffield employee.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nuffield Health?

The culture, the friendliness and the general feel good atmosphere we have a Tees.

What is your career highlights?

Getting and working my way up to the position I am in at the moment.

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