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We’re there for every stage of our customers’ health journeys – through the good times and the bad. And when it comes to injury, chronic pain or post-surgery rehabilitation, our physiotherapists are usually the first port of call. Working both remotely and in the gym, they use a range of equipment and exercises to get our clients back to their best selves.

We caught up with Tom Murray, a Senior Physiotherapist at Nuffield Health, to find out just what the role entails.

Physiotherapy is big undertaking, with at least three years at university before you can start additional training. What made you want to pursue it as a career? 

I’ve been interested in the human body and physiology since school, but I also wanted a profession where I can help people improve their lives. Physiotherapy was an opportunity to combine those two things.

And is there anything that made you want to join Nuffield in particular?

Definitely: I really admire the Charitable status of the organisation and the ethos of the founder. And I can get behind the company’s mission too - their desire to improve the health of the nation. Also, the rehab facilities in the gyms really are state-of-the-art. 

For anyone new to physiotherapy, could you tell us about your day-to-day role?

Absolutely. I’d say it’s half triage and half face-to-face physio. Triage involves telephone consultations where we speak to patients about their issues. And as a physiotherapist, you’re often the first person they talk to. We then give them advice, prescribe exercises, or refer them on to a clinic or doctor for further assessment. The face-to-face part of the role starts with a patient assessment. Then, once we’ve done that, we can help with rehabilitation or treatment. A lot of the issues I deal with include back pain, shoulder problems and ankle pain, or complications following surgery in hospital. 

And what do you enjoy the most? 

Meeting people from different backgrounds and with different challenges, and helping them to fulfil their goals.
And the least?

I wouldn’t say it not enjoyable but working through covid was a challenge. I remember seeing patients during the winter lockdown when the main gym was closed – coming into an empty, cold building every morning definitely required some resilience!

How do you find working with your team?

My immediate team are really kind and supportive. The health clinic teams are great too, and super passionate about what they do. In fact, I love working with everyone in the wider health club. It’s such a fun and friendly environment. 

Lastly, could you tell us about a proud moment in your role?

Working with a low back pain patient. She’d hurt her back in the gym lifting a small kettlebell, but we recently got her to lift an 80kg deadlift. Moments like that make it all worthwhile – when you get to see the tangible payoff for all your hard work.  

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