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Support starts with teamwork

Charlotte joined Nuffield Health over three years ago. She says she knew it was the right place for her from the first time she came to the hospital, “There was a real family feel. They made me feel like part of the team, even though I was just looking around and it just seemed like a good, connected team that I wanted to be part of.”

Her instincts were right, and over her time here, she’s built a strong bond with the team, something she feels has been especially valuable throughout the pandemic. “We’re very close. We meet up outside of work as well and we're always checking in on each other. They were there at my wedding to come and celebrate with me as well. So, it's just like having an extra family. During Covid, I’ve actually seen the team more than my own family. Everybody has been great, helping and supporting each other throughout.”

For Charlotte, the opportunities to develop and the recognition for her work is really important too. “Nuffield Health are supporting me to complete my Basic Life Support Course, which qualifies me to do a higher level of resuscitation.

I also won an award for Spot the Pressure Day at Nuffield Health Bristol. I was asked to run a presentation and give advice to patients on how to identify skin damage underneath their masks. We handed out little packs later so they could care for their skin. Then we also had a little game, with little challenges and facts, so it was an interactive way that people could learn. It was a success and we’re trying to run it again this year, with more people and departments getting involved.”

“I’ve learned so much. I get lots of trust from Nuffield Health and our brilliant patients which enables me to keep learning on the job, because of that - I've been able to give the highest level of care to patients.”

““One of my favourite things is that we offer a variety of treatments and surgeries, so I’ve got something different every day.””
Charlotte, Nurse - Nursing

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