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Making memories all over the country.

Gerri’s time at Nuffield Health so far has been a real adventure. Starting life in hotel services 23 years ago, she’s been to almost every one of our hospitals (except Glasgow!). She’s had some memorable experiences, and patients, along the way.

“I absolutely loved working on the wards when I first started. It was very much hands-on and we'd go in to see patients every single day to get their menus and meal choices. 

One lady I remember was 100 years old and had just had cataracts surgery. I'd gone in the next morning to give her her breakfast, and she sat on the side of the bed and said, “It's a miracle. It's a miracle, I can see!”. I've never forgotten that lady.”

After two years in hotel services, Gerri was given the opportunity to become a Supplies Manager for us. It meant travelling around the country for four months to train in other Nuffield Health hospitals. It gave her great insight into how to keep everyone connected.

“Another one of my most memorable times at Nuffield Health was when I was involved in a procurement rollout 14 years ago. I was responsible for bringing a group of 10 hospitals online. It was great fun and I made a lot of friends. I like being involved in everything that happens here.”

It’s these close relationships that mean so much to Gerri. She tells us:

“It truly is like a family. We all help one another hugely at work. We share the joy of caring for patients and solving problems. Just going home knowing that you've done a good job. It’s so rewarding.

I'm not somebody who can work in a silo. I'm stepping away from Supplies, because it's time I did something else. So I’m moving into Facilities and Health and Safety. I will still be part of the family and the fabric of the whole building. That means a lot to me.”

“Just going home knowing that you've done a good job. it’s so rewarding.”
Gerri, Supplies Manager - Head Office

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