Making positive changes to the lives of patients.

We spoke to Ann Brunt, Hospital Director at our North Staffs Hospital. Ann started working with us 34 years ago! Read about her career progression and with us and why she decided to join Nuffield Health.

I joined Nuffield Health in 1987 so almost 34 years ago after qualifying in Scotland as a State Registered nurse in 1984.

Starting my career as a staff nurse, I then progressed to Senior Staff Nurse in the day ward

In 1990 I went on maternity leave with first son and returned 1991 part time as Senior Staff Nurse (job share), the again I went on leave with 2nd son, returned part time until 1998

In 1998 I was promoted to Sister on the day care ward, taking responsibility for the other 2 wards and became Ward Manager running all daycare and inpatient services.

I moved to Outpatients as Manager in 2002 to gain experience in a different environment, later progressing to Matron in 2004.

I was appointed as Hospital Director at Nuffield Grosvenor hospital in 2009, which gave me fantastic experience in a completely different role in a smaller hospital.

My application for Hospital Director position in 2014 back at North Staffs was successful and is where I’ve spent most of my career to date!

Why did you choose to work for Nuffield Health?

The reason I love at Nuffield Health is that it is an energetic, interesting environment where high quality care for our patients is at the heart of what we do. As with my own career whereby I have been supported in completing my Nursing degree, post graduate diploma in management studies alongside various other leadership programmes there are lots of opportunities to progress in a wide range of roles across this acute healthcare setting.

Nuffield Health has a very open culture and promotes diversity and as a result of this I’m lucky enough to work with colleagues from all different ages, backgrounds and with different skills all of which make up our team.

Nuffield Health is a charity and as such I find that we take our social responsibility extremely seriously and so we actively take part in lots of community events such as teaching the local high school first aid and working alongside our fitness centre colleagues to bridge the gap between health and well-being.

As one of the largest independent sector health care providers I also really enjoy working with the NHS in order to provide services/ patient choice to those who need it and this has been particularly pertinent since the start of the pandemic.

Here at Nuffield Health I feel that I have room to grow and to creatively make positive changes to the lives of patients from our local community and beyond. I have enjoyed my time at Nuffield Health immensely and would highly recommend a career here to anyone. I am a true example of progression through commitment and working hard and as such I have been rewarded the most fantastic career which I hope will continue for many years to come.

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