A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Meet Valentina, Endoscopy Lead / Minor Op at our St Bartholomew's Hospital in London. We asked Valentina about what made her chose to come at work for us and the team at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Why did you choose to come and Work at Nuffield Health: 

I wanted to work in an organisation that not only uphold excellent service to their patients but also invests in the development of their staff and Nuffield has a good reputation when it comes to these. Other than that, as a former ITU nurse, I love to take on challenges and I saw opening a brand-new hospital as a once in a lifetime opportunity to sharpen my knowledge and skills professionally. 

Tell us a bit about your department. 

I am very proud of how the department has developed in the last year. It is not easy to start running a department from scratch. I had to make sure all documents (i.e SOP), Highly skilled staff, trainings, and equipment are in place to open the department. I am proud of what my staff and I have accomplished and put in place to make sure we are able to deliver safe and efficient patient care to our patients. Our department is able to offer both Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nuffield Health?

The organisation values the opinion of their employees and is open to changing approaches if it means improving our services. I appreciate that they have an open-door policy that encourages us to be proactive.  

What are your career highlights? 

I am very grateful that my hard work has been recognised and I have been promoted as Head of the Department for Endoscopy and Minor ops recently.  

We are also one of the few Endoscopy departments who has been allowed to become a stand-alone unit. I appreciate the trust that they have given me.  

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