It starts with you, Clinical & Medical, Nursing

Striving to improve patient care

We asked Jill Groves, our Radiology Manager at Warwickshire Hospital about what made her pursue a career in Radioraphy and her highlights during her (19 years!) at Nuffield Health.

 What made you want to pursue a career in RDI?  

I have been passionate about my career in Radiography since I qualified over 25 years ago. I love working with people and some really cool technology! I am bursting with ideas to constantly strive to improve patient care and streamline efficient processes, which my manger role now allows me to work on. 

What made you choose a career with Nuffield Health?

I chose a career at Nuffield Health for the improved work-life balance.

I also have time to spend with my patients to provide the optimum patient care and outstanding service. I believe in Nuffield’s holistic approach to personal wellbeing, alongside treatment and surgical intervention.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

My teammates are my Nuffield family!

Describe your colleagues and your relationship as a team?

My work family! 

Tell us about a proud moment you’ve had in your role?

Being in the Radiology Manager role after 19 years (in total) working for Nuffield Health. Feedback from my own team and line-managers as to the positive impact I have made since getting the role.

Tell us about a time where Nuffield Health supported you?

When I was going through a challenging time at work, I accessed support through the Employee Assistance Programme.  It was very challenging to make this step but it really helped.

Tell us about a memory at Nuffield Health that you will never forget?

I briefly left Nuffield Health in 2020 and the gifts and send-off I received were completely overwhelming!! …. It didn’t last long; I came back after 4 months! 

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