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When it comes to a healthy mind and body, prevention is better than cure. Which is why our Personal Trainers are such an important part of our team! Working across 114 fitness & wellbeing centres, our PTs help customers reduce stress and build strength through safe, sustainable, and tailor-made fitness plans. 

But what’s life like for the person running the sweat sessions? We sat down with Casey Simmons, Wellbeing Personal Trainer at our Bristol North Fitness and Wellbeing Site, to find out.

A lot of people are passionate about fitness, but not everyone turns it into a career. What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

I’ve been into sports and fitness from a very young age. And even now, there’s no better satisfaction than taking a sweaty class or doing a long workout. When it came to choosing a career, turning to my passion felt like an obvious choice. I’ve gained so much personally from the health and fitness world - why not spread some of that joy and knowledge to others?

Was there anything that attracted you to Nuffield Health specifically? 

I love Nuffield’s goal of building a healthier nation, and I really wanted to be part of that. Reputationally they were a great choice too. They’re a well-known organisation who clients and customers trust. But they also look after their employees– we get loads of perks, including full access to the gyms, and there are tonnes of opportunities for progression. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Nuffield Health? 

The constant support and training! Since becoming a Wellbeing Personal Trainer, I’ve felt like every day is a school day – in a good way! And their investment in staff doesn’t just benefit us. The more knowledgeable we are, the better we can help our customers to meet their fitness goals. 

What’s your relationship with your team like? 

My colleagues are great! From the moment I started, they’ve been nothing but friendly and welcoming. As a team we all get along great and have loads of fun, but we also support, encourage and motivate each other. Having like-minded people around has pushed me to become the best trainer possible. Everyone brings something different to the table, and everyone’s generous about sharing knowledge. It reminds me that whenever you think you know it all, there’s always room to grow and learn!

Can you tell us about a proud moment you’ve had in your role?

Leading my first HIIT Class. People hate you at the time, but they always leave smiling!

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