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Working together to improve the health and fitness of a nation

We asked Cameron Burness, one of our Programme Managers based at our corporate site CISCO Systems UK about life at Nuffield Health in the fitness sector.

How long have you worked for Nuffield Health?

6 months total, first 3 I was working as a corporate wellbeing advisor. In current role for 3 months

Tell us about your career progression at Nuffield Health?

I began working for Nuffield Health at CISCO Systems 6 months ago as a corporate wellbeing advisor. Around 2 and ½ months into my new role the former programme manager informed me that he was leaving his current role. I then decided to look for more information regarding being a programme manager and messaged the line manager expressing my interest. I applied for the role and was interviewed at 4am as I was on holiday in Canada which is always a funny story to tell. I was offered the role shortly after and have been loving it ever since.

Tell us about the team you work in?

The site I work at has two members of staff with me being one of them alongside a corporate wellbeing advisor. We both deliver classes on site and work to deliver the best product we can for the client.

On a remote level I work with a line manager who I go to whenever I need guidance or support within my role. We meet weekly for a 1:1 and are involved in a call with other programme managers within our cluster. This gives us an opportunity to share our ideas and anything which is going on at our sites which is a great way to bounce ideas off each other. 

I work alongside an Account Manager who manages the finances of the site and works more closely with the customer who I also speak with regularly and is based in the USA. As a three we have calls every month discussing what the gym is doing well and how we could improve going forward, as well as reviewing key performance indicators such as membership, gym visits, class utilization etc.

Why did you choose to work at Nuffield Health?

I chose to work at Nuffield Health as the companies goals align with my personal beliefs of helping the nation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I felt although I could use my knowledge to help deliver professional practice for the company to help achieve this goal.

I also think it is great that the company allows for progression within a role. Academy Online provides an easy-to-use resource which allows you to develop and add to your skill set to improve performance within your role and prepare you for future progression within the country.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Nuffield Health?

My favourite thing about working for Nuffield Health is knowing that as a collective we are working to improve the health and fitness of a nation. This makes the work we do extremely rewarding as you can see the result of your hard work when individuals talk about how great they are feeling and the results they have managed to achieve at the site you work at.

Equally the sense of community is something is something I really enjoy about Nuffield Health. Within our cluster I feel that everybody has an invested interested in helping each other to perform to the best of our abilities are provide support when needed. This is a culture which I think is carried throughout the company across all aspects regardless of if you work in a gym, hospital, physio centre etc.

What is your career highlight/s?

My career highlight would be becoming the programme manager at my site alongside achieving the most visits to the gym onsite since it re-opened post pandemic.

The reason why the first one is a highlight of my career is I left university and was lucky enough to find a job working for Nuffield as a Corporate Wellbeing Advisor which I really enjoyed. From a personal view this made me feel proud of myself and I could start working in the industry I have always wanted to for a company who are really supportive. I am also proud that I challenged myself and have developed as a manager which has really helped my gain invaluable experience.

Achieving the most gym visits at our site since the gym re-opened post pandemic is another highlight of my career. The reason for this it shows that myself and my teams hard work is paying off, we have people back in the gym working on not just their physical health but also their mental and social health which I know many people have struggled with due to the circumstances of the last few years. It makes me really enjoy going into work everyday knowing that what we are doing as a team is helping our customers benefit on a daily basis and positively impacting their lives.

How do you use your employee benefits?

I use my employee benefits regularly. I have my own Nuffield gym pass to every commercial gym in the country which I use when traveling to see friends in different parts of the country. I also use my benefits to have my mum signed up to our local Nuffield gym for a massively discounted price. This is a great benefit as she has recently had a major surgery on her leg due to an injury, but luckily  she can have access to the resources at Nuffield Health such as the gym, sauna, steam room and physiotherapy to aid her rehabilitation and get her back active again sooner than later in a supportive enviroment.

Perks at work are also great when making purchases as we have many discounts across several categories.

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